Transformational Philosophy
for Expanding Conscious Perspectives

with Jonathan Robert Martin, an intuitive guide to this moment.
Reminding misery to lighten up, laugh, and relax.

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In clearing the conditions that have us enslaved, unlocked is a Freedom that saves the day.

I've been blessed with a Gift to translate unseen, the otherworld is my second home, and now I share its clarity.



NEW COURSE: (Part 1 of Trilogy) - The Otherside of Conspiring Against - Moving Through the Door into a World Aspiring For (6-part audio + E-Book)

Well if this found you, then you are on a Metaphysically transformative journey, curious about this Spiritually derived existence called Reality, and you are being met with conspiracy theories and information you find difficult to handle or is draining your day. It is one thing to be met and move through conspiracy, it is another thing to be frozen stuck, waking up every morning thinking the world is attacking you and you must defend your Self. That is a trick I shall unveil over our time together. Click below to read more and sign-up.

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To Know We Are Becoming Whole

To know that despite what it appears to be, as grim or as suffering, it is a moment of choice, a choice forgotten. That this too belongs, this too matters, this too is a path and it leads to a sense of Wholeness and Clarity.

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Ebook & Naturecast Recording: Moving Past the Web of Anger

In my recent ponderings, I uncover the grips of the Entity known as Anger, and the destruction it can create when we choose to, at no fault of our own, identity with it, as it. Yes, when we become Angry people, we look to destroy another, because that is how Separation works. Join me on this transformational journey to unwind from the grips of denial and Separation into the Glory of the becoming, because the Alchemist does not throw anything away.

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Wholitics - Spiritually Merging the Polarity in Politics

Redefining what we are working with is to survey where we are going, with an open mind and heart and access to a wisdom that guides us in appropriate and regenerative directions. A concept that came to me, Wholeitics, taking the Whole environment (that is ALL) into consideration.

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Faith, Because I Always Grow

Faith. Knowing that no matter what the experience, growth emerges and strength pursues those who make the choice to empower themselves instead of grasping further at victimized identities that only seek to destroy the sense of Self. Faith is that this is working.

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Transformational Life Inquiry

90 -120 minute appointments. Skype or Phone. for appointments. We shall get to the root of the problem, that is the goal, because in it, Life frees up so much. You'll see. We have wants you see. Things we want changed. Many of us on our path forget the ways of realizing contentment and allowing for change. This process helps free up Life so it can flow according to the way of your Purpose and Destiny. Self Inquiry is the Remedy. It is the Cure for a Broken Heart. It is the Mystery of Gifts, Unique Talents, and Magnificence Unravelling. It is the understanding of Reality, Attraction, Repulsion, the Substance that Defines What We Are Made Of and What We Came to Do With That. It is the healing of Trauma and the reconditioning of Who We Truly Are. It is where Spiritual meets Physical. It is the Bridge and everything connected.

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Book Now - Life Readings (30 min increments)

For those Life questions that have you scratching your head, losing sleep, and lost in the dark, there is light! There is Clarity always when we enter a space of objectivity and ask the right questions. These sessions are 30 minute increments, and are generally shorter than Transformational Inquiry sessions.

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12 Months of Transformation

When we investigate Reality for a longer duration, we become accustomed to its rhythms and connections in a more acute awareness. Through our journey together we will develop and deepen our psychic awareness and ability to commune with Nature and listen for more meaning in Life.

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Journey Beyond - Deepening of Human Psychic Nature

This work comprises of 90 minute sessions that I would recommend one commit to multiple sessions prior to engaging. This level of commitment speaks to the Otherworld and lets Creator know we are ready to move into this. The moving into seership is a fascinating journey, one that perpetually deepens. When we can survey What Is, from an objective and compassionate place, we can move through limitations and walls, into its initiation of embrace, as we move into clearer directions and thus more empowering spaces to Create. That is the gift of awakening ones Inner Nature, which can see beyond time and space into the one Reality that this is. Let's get into it!

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Monthly Evolutionary Content Subscription

Once upon a time there was a village seer. A village healer. A village medium who brought forth the insight and eventually wisdom that would keep communities accountable, enlivened, and clear in their focus and pursuit. This is simple. To revitalize this dream, embrace this donation as a seer back in your corner, to unveil Reality as it appears to unfold to me. I am in tune with the rhythms of surveying this Reality and for those that choose to contribute, you become a part of this magical evolution back towards a regnerative sense of Wholeness and deeper steward of Nature. The world has moved to a virtual focus and although I first intend on human connection, live in-person, we must move with what is calling our focus and there are many bridges to journey. This spiritual gift was thus embraced as a commonality amongst the people, who knew their purpose, who knew it was alive in each of them. Those that connected to the divine played an important role in the continuity and vitality of the Lifeforce of individuals and thus communities. With this Monthly Subscription Service, you will have a seer in your corner. You will gain access to exclusive content that I only put out in the members section. Members will have a chance to ask questions throughout the month to be covered on a 2-hour Live Q&A where I commune with the Otherworld to bring forth the clarity to the communication. Those that subscribe will find something meaningful in the content because upon your viewership I have included something in it for each and everyone that graces this content. I have learned it is not wise to share knowledge with those that are not ready for its consequence. With knowledge comes Power, comes Responsibility and this is not just a cheap quote from Spider Man. For a monthly donation, you will receive all of my course offerings (about 1 per month) plus any other exclusive content that comes to me that I choose to share with designated members of this community. Each member will access a monthly live 2 hour Q&A call to go into the depths of Life's greatest questions to make sense and clarity of the Reality in which we operate.

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The First Book in the Conversations Beyond series:

NEW BOOK: THIS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. A Divine Dialogue with the Creator of it All for Embracing Life's Challenge and Allowing for Change

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Conversations Beyond: A True Vaccine to Defund the Unhealthy Relationship to Authority

Conversations Beyond: A True Vaccine to Defund the Unhealthy Relationship to Authority

Enjoy this journey, merging the duality that creates perpetual conflict between Authority and that which feels controlled, into Wholeness with Creator. In this channeled exercise, I acquaint myself with the fool, one who may know the answer but pretends they do not, to receive the validation they need without needing to relentlessly assume their way through life. Hehehe. It works! Blessings

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Moving Through the Web of Anger

Moving Through the Web of Anger

The web of anger. The great web that resides within the meandering channels of the Great Path, this path of Wholeness. The Path that admits that where it is going, is Infinite, Creator embodied in Human form, awakened in consciousness, ready to serve and take care of Home. Blessings.

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Prepare Sequenced Initiation - by: Jonathan Robert Martin

Prepare Sequenced Initiation - by: Jonathan Robert Martin

Help clarify the process of initiation as it meets you in Life so that we can ingrain its wisdom and show Creator we have received the message, this will help flow move.

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Conversations Beyond - A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Technology

Conversations Beyond - A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Technology

Harmonize the Tension in the relationship between Self and Technology, in Wholeness. That is one's relationship to Creator and Technology is a tool for our Creation.

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Conversations Beyond -  A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Money

Conversations Beyond - A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Money

Money. It impacts everyone in its own way. That is why I stress the importance that Everything is a Relationship, and All Relationships can Harmonize. The Spirit of Money is alive, it is listening, the Wholeness that represents the relationship to Creator is a wholesome relationship. Yes, the relationship to Money can be harmonized, and I am on that path. To see what is on the otherside. I have not claimed a throne, but will pursue it with all of my inquiry as it will be commanded as is our innate Right. Blessings to All! Jonathan

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Jonny and the Elements musically present:

"Home Sweet Home"

A song for the Ancestors, and our deep connection to our roots, Home, this Earth, this Family. Be Well!



I have come here to this planet to remind misery to lighten up and laugh. At least that's one of my missions, and it brings me great joy to share joy, through humour and yes journeying vast dimensions of timelessness and spacelessness to help build a solid foundation for the coming days, wherever they lead.

I am a trained and well-practiced seer, or a metaphysical philosopher who can commune with the unseen world, or as I know it, the Otherworld. I have come to understand that everything in Life shows up in how we relate to it, and thus in my work I address the relationship and root cause of relating to Life (or whatever one is confronted with) and thus in doing so, we can recondition and re-pattern the response and thus relationship in a meaningful and positive direction.

I am connected into Nature and its gifts of insight to call any situation what it is, and thus move on from it into new directions. I am here to remind you how to do this for your Self, Healing Ancestral Trauma is a start. Let's philosophize about Life!

I am a seer if you cannot tell, and I am not that thing in isolation, but it helps bring clarity to my gift. Which is clarity. Which is seeing beyond the subjective illusory realms of reality, into more subtle forms of communication in Nature, with what I've come to know as the Otherworld.

My gifts are unique, and so are yours! They will unveil when we are ready, and understanding the sequence of unfolding is so crucial to making sense of Life and tapping into our own Divine Wisdom. it is all a perfect sequence you know. Plug in and join the vibe and allow this to grow as a community that sees the way!

Even coming from a spirtually void upbringing, and being cast into the world of commerce and competition, I see great meaning in the birth of a Psychically gifted individual finding meaning in All of those experiences. Anything is possible. I have come from the grips of addiction and many emotional and mental states of illness to enliven myself into a new direction and I now find Life magical in every which way! We all can, when we allow objective space.

Life had brought me great pain and strife to deal with, that I tried with all of my might and substances I could find to bury it, but like anything True it does not just go away, it needs to be learned from, and thus I went to study, on myself, so that inevitably I could come to share to help inspire others to invoke the inner magic of the connection one has to Nature.

Like a dam ready to burst, I could not hold on any longer in the grips of suffering. I began to heal in a big way. It was and still is Epic, and it increasingly gets more Epic. Life does not have to continue in Suffering. That is for certain. We can come out. Learn about ourselves. Stand up for ourselves. Do for ourselves what we wish to do for others.

Well, this is not in bragging, but in testament and validation to this work, my gifts continue to unfold every... single... day.... I believe this is possible for anyone. To know themselves. To know this Reality. To understand how to work with this Reality, what we're made of, and what Purpose are we here to do with that...

There are so many stories to share,

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The People who typically come to me for work are generally noticing one or the following:

  • Repetitively seeing what you don't want show up in your life instead of what you do.
  • Unsure of how to bring purpose to your Life, in work and family.  
  • Deepening curiosity into Spiritual realms and psychic gifts.
  • Yearning to understand or interpret incommunicable loved ones (coma, dementia, etc.)  
  • Receiving inexplicable communication from lost loved ones.    
  • Unsure how to use or express uniqueness in a way that feels meaningful and empowering.
  • Witnessing an experience where you are observing your own behaviour, or mirrored in another's behaviour.
  • Struggling with relational conflicts with spouse, children, parents, or co-workers.  
  • Feeling stuck in your current work situation and without purpose in life over-all.   
  • Mild to severe cases of non-fulfillment in Life experiences.    
  • Diminished voice or the ability to express boundaries or their truthful convictions.
  • Lost a creative flare and want to rekindle the creative fire to express your Self in more authentic ways.   
  • Wanting to heal deep trauma or abuse that repetitively creates similar challenges but stuck not knowing How.
  • Overrun by emotional reactivity: anger, fear, worry, stress or depression, envy etc. which potentially leads to leading to conflict, destructive / abusive behaviour, addictions and/or illness in a related form.    
  • Feeling deep grief for planetary destruction and do not know how to process. 
  • Experiencing mental health challenges in the family and wondering about spiritual and emotional implications.
  • Feeling a sense of isolation or non-belonging in your family or community.
  • Finding it very difficult to start or grow a passion project or business.
  • Experiencing increased exposure or yearning towards Spiritual or mystical happenings.
  • Feeling a relentless pursuit to make a difference in the life of others and the planet but stuck as to How.
  • Feeling confused as to where to turn and what to do next.
  • Grieving the loss of loved ones or partners or children.          
  • Experiencing helplessness like there is no hope for change.
  • Sensing and relating to self and others on a deeper and more spiritual level.

What is Transformational Philosophy?

This. This Present Moment.

This is It. Yes. Surrendering to this moment being the thing that you have come here to witness. Then... And then... Change can begin. Allow it to Flow.


To say that I have come here to witness great change through great suffering is an understatement, but who's comparing? I am not alone in feeling this statement. Perhaps why you have come.

I have trained and studied, learned from and through many great teachers seen and unseen. Particularly, I have spent most time with Dawn Dancing Otter, as I apprenticed into the Healing Arts from a very holisitic level. You see, it was about Wholeness. About the relationship with Creator. What that created for me was anything short of remarkable, but stories are meant to be recapped at later dates, there's work to be done! Teachers I have either worked with, briefly or intensively, or follow, are Malidoma Some, Don Ollsin, Joe Turner, amongst so many others. We are all teachers and students simultaneously.

So if there's anything you've gone through, I can relate, because I CAN SEE THROUGH THE FORM OF THE EXPERIENCE FOR WHAT IT IS. I am not yelling, but emphasizing the gift of Clarity that can birth in any of us. Even if you do not wish to be a psychic by trade or openly or publicly, or whatever, it is a gift that I share with those willing to embrace what I refer to as the Great Work.

It has been a tough journey, which many if not All of us can admit. We've all come through so much! Dawn often reminded me that the fact I was alive was a brilliant success, the Ultimate success. I agree. We can learn so much from one another. The Creativity that has emerged is unbelievable and like I keep mentioning, it keeps getting better and better. My relationships with my family have All gotten better, and it keeps gtting better and better. Sometimes it feels like worse, but it is actually a choice and we can see it through that it changes into something better. That is what i am here to remind.

We are All on an incredible journey, regardless of where we are. And I come to you, here, with this, and you, with that, and we see how we can allow the Inner Nature of a Human Being to shine. This inner Nature as I have seen, is reflected in my ability to be with Nature, understand Nature, respect Nature, care for our Home, and understand how to Regenerate it, and of course that would imply sustainably doing that.

I have since deepened my relationship with the Trees, the Plants, the Mushrooms, the Birds, and the Animals, the Elements, the Ancestors of my People and the Land, and it only continues to progress. All of this having not believed, nor seen an ounce of it for much of my Life, so if you say nothing is possible, I would say great, that means there is space for everything and anything to be possible. Beautiful.

If the agenda that you follow does not consider how to regenerate our Home with what we have already, then where does it actually lead? What will it take to listen to the Earth? The Indigenous people have done this since time immemorial, but who is prepared to listen now?

I have written 1,000's of pages of documented conversations with the Otherworld that I release over time, so you are in for one heck of a ride if you would like to follow along. Subscribe for my newsletter to do so it is on my home page.

Blessings to All!


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Everything is a Relationship. Relationships can mend.


JONATHAN ROBERT MARTIN is an Intuitive & Holistic Life Guide for Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing. Jonathan guides his clients towards Empowering themselves to feel Safer, More Nourished, More Validated, and More Disciplined in their pursuits. Jonathan uses intuitive questioning, spiritual guidance, transformative practices past down from lineages that are more than 50,000 years old although some would say they've always been there. I use conflict mediation, dream therapy, reality observations to unfold conflict and empower people to shift course and reaccess the inner wisdom connected to their Destiny.  I am a herbalist in training, vocalist, song writer, sound healer, poet and writer, speaker, and group facilitator. I am a husband, father, but amongst All things, i am a representative of Creator on the Path of Wholeness. And that is Enough.

Jonathan Robert Martin is not considered by Health Regulatory bodies as a medical professional, counsellor, or therapist, and none of his advice should ever be taken in the place of professional advice on any physical or mental health matters, relationships, or careers. The information provided is purely for educational purposes. Individuals must use their own discretion, judgment and common sense at all times and should not break any local, national or international laws. Under no circumstances will Jon be held liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the information and practices he shares. If you have a medical condition or health concern, always consult your doctor.