Transformational Life Inquiry

Transformational Life Inquiry

Transformational Life Inquiry Overview


90 -120 minute appointments.



Open & Inclusive , $150 on average (see Investment Section below.)

What kinds of people come to see me?

To save you much time figuring out whether this could help, here are a LIST of reasons why people come to work with me.  If one or more fits your criteria, let's philosophize life indeed.

What does that mean? 

Well it means to lean in and listen. 

Healing Ancestral Trauma is where we have the most work to do, but don't take this just as another healing session, but something to expand your perspective so clarity comes to You, not just because I said it! 

I have learned the ways to both listen to this and respond to the trauma's needs as it relates to the situation at hand to help remind others that we can remedy it. I help others do the same.

To ask appropriate questions and see how this moment responds is where I become acutely aware. 

The Content of my Philosophy

I have written 1,000's of pages of channelled dialogue with different energetic representations of knowledge and healing and I understand how very accurate this work can be, and how to remain objective in this space to hear it even closer, I help others do this as well.

Most people do not have free access into this present moment, and thus with my experience and training I hold a key to access this more readily and with practice, anyone can carry forward in a more empowered and free-thinking-expressing way!


Open and Flexible.

For those that wish to do this real work, we will make it work.

On average I receive about $150CDN for each appointment, but I'm flexible.

I've been paid $1,000 for an appointment, so who am I to talk about limits, or what you deem valuable or important. 

I am open to discussing how you'd like to support this work and its regenerative Nature. The more able you are to support through larger financial contributions, the more others with financial barriers can continue to receive its good work and thus break through those barriers. This is regeneration and investing in community and its healers/diviners so that we can regenerate.

If you are feeling constrained in the finance area, perhaps this is something that requires our delving into, don't hesitate to reach out!


Contact / Connect:

If you wish to work out some Life relationships issues, and that can be relating with anything, money, education, work, sex, relationships, whatever! It is All a relationship, and merely a perspective, please go here to:


Philosophy Overview - 
Change any relationship by empowering Self.

Everything is a Perspective. Perspectives are how we relate. Therefore Perspectives are Relationships. Perspectives can change, I know how. Thus All relationships have the potential to change. My gift is to help remind you how, so that you can embark or deepen into your own sense of Epicness in Life. Magic is not lost in this world, but it is only up to an ounce of curiosity in You to call it back, and then its time to listen to the Truth... Calling those who wish to hear the Truth and move on!

More about this Great Work!

This Great Path of Wholeness is a Spiritual path, some may have referred to as Enlightnement, but perhaps not knowing what that actually means. I'm still on a quest.  This path is a reminder of how we are connected to the Creator, so if you are not spiritually minded, or are closed to the possibility of this being connected, this may not be right for you.  I work with individuals who  are open to concepts like Creation, manifestation, Spirit Guides, dream worlds, as it would entail less convincing, which is not required in this work in my opinion.

If you have never experienced this, and are still open, then by all means, we'll see what the intake process surfaces for us to look at.

Why People come to work with Me:

For a list of reasons people typically come see me, click HERE to see if you can relate with any of them.

After you deem working together of interest, please contact me and I will begin an intake process, at which point or any step I will deem if it is something I can assist with, and I cannot deal with all issues, and I will be up front and honest about that, but if I can help, I will put my focus and intention on it to help in the growth process, as a reminder of your Power to regain command of. 

Self empowerment and independence my focus. That is strength, clarity and love in my opinion.

Where is the Tension?

So understanding where there is tension, what that tension implies, who is connected, and in that we begin to clear the way to vision a new experience. Thus your Life becomes the bridge of knowing that to be the outcome, knowing that to be True. This is transformation. I help merely remind you of what's possible. You do the rest.


Blessings to All,


Contact me HERE to continue the path towards working together.