Monthly Evolutionary Content Subscription

Monthly Evolutionary Content Subscription

Service Overview

To stay connected is of the utmost prize and I don't just mean the Otherworld where I spend quite a bit of time pondering in, it is about bringing it into this world, and making use of our ability to re-purporse that which needs a new focused direction.

This is about an ongoing commitment to Self to continue to learn to embrace listening in Life, to hear it at a deeper level, to make sense of this experience, so that it can move to where we know is possible.

Suggested Content Donation Investment:

For as low as $5 / month you will have access to all course content I put out. Maybe once per month and a half. You can pay me as much as you want. $10, $20, $50, whatever it be, it is appreciated.

If it is $10, instead of $20 every time I release a course, your ongoing investment of $10 helps me continue to put this good work out there and a nice little net of sustainability for future endeavours.


This content and work I put out will serve you on your path exactly as it needs to, that is the belief I hold to be True.

With this Monthly Subscription Service, you will have a seer in your corner. You will gain access to exclusive content that I only put out in the members section.


On top of course content, members will a monthly chance to connect with me and ask questions throughout the month to be covered on a 2-hour Live Q&A (I try to get to as many as possible) where I commune with the Otherworld to bring forth the clarity to the communication.

To many, Humanity has seemed to miss its mark, and it is obvious in the unfoldings around us. It is the job of the seer to bring forth the wisdom to both help the communities it serves to make sense of the going-ons, and to heal through the inter-generational trauma that recreates itself if we are not attuned to its Nature and needs. This takes listening which I have honed and continue to delve into.

Through these Nature-based connections with the Ancestral, Elemental realms of knowledge and in direct communication with the Creator of this All, I bring forth the relevant memories that fill my communication channels and interpret the glory in a remarkably poetic way. I am surprised every dialogue I create.

Be sure to check out the MEDIA page for more examples of my work.

I have learned to honour this work by making Others make a commitment to it to. In giving it all away for free, I learned to de-value it, and thus my own sense of worth. Having a small contribution for the wisdom I choose to share helps my commitment grow and thus the communities I serve grow. Here is to the empowerment of future generations and the health of All that grace this existence I advocate for.

Blessings to All,