Journey Beyond - Deepening of Human Psychic Nature

Journey Beyond - Deepening of Human Psychic Nature

Duration: 90 minutes
Frequency: Once a month or once every two weeks - depending on agreed upon schedule (recommended) and a successful application as I cannot accept everyone who applies.
Investment: on avg people have paid me $150/session.

My honest recommendation to work a year, but you may want to have a divination session with me first to determine next steps. For a year, or 12 sessions I would charge $1,500CDN.

We can go as deep as you want, that is not the concern.

This work comprises of 90 minute sessions that I would recommend one commit to multiple sessions prior to engaging. This level of commitment speaks to the Otherworld and lets Creator know we are ready to move into this.

The moving into seership is a fascinating journey, one that perpetually deepens. When we can survey What Is, from an objective an compassionate place, we can move through limitations and walls we have built in the mind, and move into clearer directions and thus more empowering spaces. That is the gift of awakening ones Inner Nature, which can see beyond time and space.

It is where you are headed and what is speaking to you right now as it informs this evolution of your becoming. That is my interest. What unmet needs prevent us from embodying something that calls our name increasingly so as we navigate Life. The path of the psychic, oh blessed path.

Yes the psychic path is an interesting path, one of my most curious interests. Because I have journeyed it. Now I look to extend guidance and reminders to those who wish to navigate the Path of Wholeness and Healing that I write, speak, and work with.

When we investigate Reality for a longer duration, we become accustomed to its rhythms and connections in a more acute awareness.

Through our journey together we will develop and deepen our psychic awareness and ability to commune with Nature and listen for more meaning in Life.

Blessing to All, Jonathan