The Otherside Series - Trilogy Edition

Everything I have compiled to date in my philosophical ponderings and wanderings is sequential. It can only be this way, this Life. It is one thing from the next to the next to the next, which is movement. That is what I call forward in this tape as far too often I hear of people being stuck, as I was... With the intentions to break through I embarked on a magical journey of mystical teachings, philosophical inquiry that has lead me to embark on a transformative journey of a Lifetime. Addictions, Anger, Apathy, Depression, Anxiety, have all dissapated. There is not a silver-pill to rid us of our problems, we are to see the problem as connected to the solution, and in that the bridge to health unfolds. This is the wave from which we shall ride. I tune into the Ancestral Realms, the Spirits of Nature, and any particular relationship I deem important to convey a perspective of. This helps us break free of human conditioning as it allows us in a light-hearted and relaxed way to unveil our sufferings and convert them into the gold that belongs. That is this path, one guide of many, here to serve, because I have granted myself readiness. Let's begin.

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In this Trilogy series you will hear the Whole sequence, from start to finish, well a new beginning that is. The good, the bad, the ugly, as we perceive of course, and not to forget the daily glorious unveilings when every day becomes the Greatest Day of Your Entire Life! When we realize that All parts belong. That is a Lifetime of unveiling, if not Lifetime(s)! When we ponder and set forth with our intention of highest good in mind, Life begins to magically communicate as we open up to our Inner Nature reviving and thus our gifts of deeper listening and more presence throughout our day. And what happens with that, as I will say ... It is all different and how it should be valued, not destroyed.

here is to the repurposing and regeneration of All that Is.

Course Descriptions:

The Otherside of Conspiring Against: Moving Through the Door to a World Aspiring For

Well if this found you, then you are on a Metaphysically transformative journey, curious about this Spiritually derived existence, and you are being met with conspiracy theories and information you find difficult to handle and sort through. You are aware that there is an angry movement picking sides, but maybe are looking for some fresh contemplations to allow your perspectives to move through. 

It is one thing to be met and move through conspiracy, it is another thing to be frozen stuck, waking up every morning thinking the world is attacking you and you must defend your Self. That is a trick I shall unveil over our time together.

I know there are those like me who were stuck in a World Conspiring Against, how could we not to be where we are? I do know how draining it can be to always have to go back into someone else's drama. It can be subtle, we think we are not being influenced, but some deeply programmatic tape brought forth from many generations before is playing out and we are here to make sense of it. This work can help.

This is for anyone who is of a Spiritually wandering mind, that can handle the art of contemplation, which to some may be triggering as their identities are challenged, but that is enlightenment isn't it? Illumination gets to it, and it allows for that which is moving to move into something more fitting, something more Wholesome.

The Otherside of Waiting for Sickness: Moving Through the Door to a Self You Adore

In this series of early-morning, psychic pondering tapes, we explore the deepest topics of sickness, at the root, from an Origin Story perspective.  In this wading through the Otherside, into the realms of consciousness that Spiritually enliven us, I will ponder and ponder more, I will provide the insight and visions that I receive to help make sense of sickness and bring more Self-Love and Clarity to ones journey of Empowerment.   

This is transformational philosophy with a metaphysical twist to enliven your senses and have you access the moment, All there is, right there in front of you. This is Self-Care.

Through communion with the Creator of it All, the Ancestral Realms, the Elemental and Nature Realms I bring forth resounding Truths that are simple yet profound as they ripple out into the conscious awareness of those who choose to grace these recordings.

Sickness is tied to our inability to understand Time, from a Reality perpsective. Breaking free from limitations and constructs, addictions and destructive behaviours allows us to clarify our path going forward and to embrace the knowledge and inner-wisdom that knows how to take care of Self.

There are so many mysteries and secrets that come up in my early morning ponderings with Spirit, I am so privileged and honoured to share these transformational philosophies.

The Otherside of Indoctrination (religion & all): Moving Through the Door to a Self You Explore (Release Date December 4th, 2020)

This series of audio tapes is a continuation of the Otherside series, preceded by the Otherside of Conspiring Against, and the Otherside of Waiting for Sickness. I believe the hidden gem in all Spiritual traditions has us unveil our own magic and mystery in a way that is not a telling, it is an unveiling, in sequence, so perfectly and personally wrapped that it cannot be mistaken for another's. 

This is the Great Paradox, Reality. Creator has lead me to this gift, to share, to invite you in, and your Nature out, to see how the two are linked, this inner-Nature and the Outer-Nature experience we see and define as This.

Over the course of several weeks, I have delved into indoctrination and the unravelling many of us undertake when we have gone through a lifetime of learning something that separated us from our connection to our Source, Home, Creator, the Original Intention, call it what I will, All, Entirety. 

In this philosophical delving in, I explore these concepts in the wee-early morning hours wherein I have learned to translate the energetics being communicated so that I can showcase the mastery of transformation, psychic intuition, and restore magic back to the land, where it belongs.

Course Details and Launch Date: Dec 4 2020 - stay tuned and sign up to the newsletter to be informed first!