To say that I have come here to witness great change through great suffering is an understatement, but who's comparing? I am not alone in feeling this statement. Perhaps why you have come.

I have trained and studied, learned from and through many great teachers seen and unseen. Particularly, I have spent most time with Dawn Dancing Otter, as I apprenticed into the Healing Arts from a very holisitic level. You see, it was about Wholeness. About the relationship with Creator. What that created for me was anything short of remarkable, but stories are meant to be recapped at later dates, there's work to be done! Teachers I have either worked with, briefly or intensively, or follow, are Malidoma Some, Don Ollsin, Joe Turner, amongst so many others. We are all teachers and students simultaneously.

So if there's anything you've gone through, I can relate, because I CAN SEE THROUGH THE FORM OF THE EXPERIENCE FOR WHAT IT IS. I am not yelling, but emphasizing the gift of Clarity that can birth in any of us. Even if you do not wish to be a psychic by trade or openly or publicly, or whatever, it is a gift that I share with those willing to embrace what I refer to as the Great Work.

It has been a tough journey, which many if not All of us can admit. We've all come through so much! Dawn often reminded me that the fact I was alive was a brilliant success, the Ultimate success. I agree. We can learn so much from one another. The Creativity that has emerged is unbelievable and like I keep mentioning, it keeps getting better and better. My relationships with my family have All gotten better, and it keeps gtting better and better. Sometimes it feels like worse, but it is actually a choice and we can see it through that it changes into something better. That is what i am here to remind.

We are All on an incredible journey, regardless of where we are. And I come to you, here, with this, and you, with that, and we see how we can allow the Inner Nature of a Human Being to shine. This inner Nature as I have seen, is reflected in my ability to be with Nature, understand Nature, respect Nature, care for our Home, and understand how to Regenerate it, and of course that would imply sustainably doing that.

I have since deepened my relationship with the Trees, the Plants, the Mushrooms, the Birds, and the Animals, the Elements, the Ancestors of my People and the Land, and it only continues to progress. All of this having not believed, nor seen an ounce of it for much of my Life, so if you say nothing is possible, I would say great, that means there is space for everything and anything to be possible. Beautiful.

If the agenda that you follow does not consider how to regenerate our Home with what we have already, then where does it actually lead? What will it take to listen to the Earth? The Indigenous people have done this since time immemorial, but who is prepared to listen now?

I have written 1,000's of pages of documented conversations with the Otherworld that I release over time, so you are in for one heck of a ride if you would like to follow along. Subscribe for my newsletter to do so it is on my home page.

Blessings to All!