Transformational & Poetic Philosophy - CLAIM EVERY DAY TO BE THE MOST EPIC!!

03 Sep

Claim Every Day to be the Most Epic! Seriously...
Written by: Jonathan Robert Martin
Sept 3, 2020

Photo credit: Jonathan Robert Martin

Wanting the day to be EPIC is one thing, but is it possible to claim each and EVERY Day, each a unique Creation into and onto itself, the most EPIC DAY thus far in your Life!?

It is True.

For no Day is better than another. No Day complete without the Night. The two required to make sense of the Totality of its design.

No Day is complete without the series of moments and interactions, ALL OF THEM REQUIRED!!!

When we observe and choose not to deny the pieces that are uncomfortable, we unlock the brilliance of the day, and thus each day has the POTENTIAL to be EPIC beyond belief.

That magic is running right now, It Is.

The meaning that resides here is palpable and Powerful beyond words, but yours to experience.

Claim this great day as EPIC, as it is... Let me know what shows!


<below is a sample of a poem I wrote this morning on this topic>

It’s already moving,

A whisper shouts

From All Directions

And in All Meaning.

What is Meaning?

What is this Epicness

Of Life I Speak?

What is the Epicness

Of this Day I seek?

The Epic Day?

Every and each day

I teach.

And learn

As students do,

The Epic Day is the Day.

The Only Day Right Now...

It is as Epic as the Last.

And no Day shall

Ever be better.

Night Welcomed into the Merging.

Not to be distinguished in

Inferiority or its accomplice,


Or Sublime Status Quo.

Acquiescing in filth,

Because it is all it knows,

No harm, 

No foul,

No fault, blame or shame,

It is All it owns.

Or so it thinks.

For another way breaks,

Over the moon,

And into the Sun,

It comes.

The next Creation.

Another Day!

No more,

No less.

It is it.

The Entirety, right here.

To make your stamp.

To stamp your imprint

Of a legacy never…


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