To Know We Are Becoming Whole

19 Sep

To Know We Are Becoming Whole (FAITH)

By: Jonathan Robert Martin
Written: Sept 19, 2020

To know we are Becoming Whole, even in the grips of the sorrow, the pits of angst, the vices of depression and every Other emotional identity one can sink their teeth into, is Faith, I feel.

The unique brilliance we have known is birthing, that we see validating over and over and over and over again, is Faith.

Merging these experiences into a Whole experience that is this Day, Reality is working. Stepping into a Future where we are not held down by the chains of a reactionary past, but instead owning the Design of This, the only thing that can Truly be owned, as has come to this awareness. 

From the Earth, the Ancestors, the Elements, to the Stars, and All that Is, this is celebrated most. This Becoming. All fuel for the True Fire emerging.

A simple choice in the toughest of times I feel.

What is on the Otherside of anything? What is the lesson? Why was this Created? Can we see its brilliance? Can we move through the door of possibility, assuming its brilliance, Whole again? Air can move so much!

Blessings to All. Jonathan *Photo of a beautiful flower growing near the house, unknown name.

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