The Trilogy Online Experience Announced

14 Nov

The Otherside series is going deep! Yes, the recording of this project although I could attest has been a lifetime, has spanned over about 3-4 months.

Each tape since the inception of "The Otherside of Conspiring Against: Moving Through the Door to a World Aspiring For (part 1) to the recording I made this morning as a part of "The Otherside of Indoctrination: Moving Through the Door to a Self You Explore (part 3)", which is a continuation from "the Otherside of Waiting for Sickness: Moving Through the Door to a Self You Adore (part 2), has feel into a perfect sequence that I have intended to depict a remarkable story, much like Creator's is.

You can listen to the full tape 8 of Otherside of Indoctrination here to get a glimpse. Each course is $20CDN, but I have set the price of the Trilogy as I really feel it benefits to see the whole unfolding, from one piece to the next, for $35CDN, so quite sizeable savings if you were to eventually listen to the three.

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Blessings, be well, thank you for your support and investment in YOUR SELF.


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