Faith, Because I Always Grow

21 Aug

Written: Aug 21, 2020
Jonathan Robert Martin

-- Faith, Because I Always Grow --

You’re jeopardizing this relationship! They say, I say.

You’re compromising the foundation.

What will they think?

Meh, move over please, you’re in the way I say.

The foundation of this path is one who sees and communicates about what they see.

And through this, I grow, always.

It may feel like shit sometimes, but I grow, always.

It may feel like I’m falling sometimes, but I always grow and stand stronger, and realize I was not falling of course…

It may seem like it may be being destroyed, but I always grow and see that I Create whatever is, and witness its transformation and lessons.

It may seem like I’m being limited, but the Path is actually illuminating clearer than ever, expanding as the perspective that this All is.

It may seem like I’m having it all taken away, but I am actually learning how to manifest, regaining empowered command of this experience, the design, which I am.

It may seem like I’m being told what to do, but that is just me telling myself what to do because I’ve believed it wasn’t good enough. Through this I always grow.

It may seem like everyone else is suffering, but that is an identity I pretended so that I can feel Separate, and so with that noticing, I always grow as well.

It may seem like I’m being put in the worst of situations, but they are the best, because it is best that I face what this is.

It may seem like I am all of these things, but I am not.

It may seem that without an identity in all of these things I would be inentity-less, but I am not, I grow and know myself More!

I can allow these false-identities to melt.

Knowing in this moment, it can be no different. 

That no, this will never be the same (thank God).

That it is perfect in its unfolding, every part, no thing left unnoticed. 

And in merely the noticing, and the embracing of that which is, we expand our perspective and thus possibility of what it can be.

What is It?

The embodiment of All and the recognition of it in its parts.

When I realize that I am the design, I open up the Creator’s canvas to put forth Conscious command on this beautiful Day!

I have realized that I am the projector of this, and thus why would it be any other way?

I command this Epic unfolding into healthy directions for the regeneration of this sense of Home and its capacity to hold strong.

Because I always grow.

In Love.


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