Ebook & Naturecast Recording: Moving Past the Web of Anger

11 Sep

Moving Past the Web of Anger
Written and recorded by Jonathan Robert Martin
September 11, 2020

Note - the E-book writing and the recording are similar messages, they are differently communicated messages, so I recommend reading and watching to encompass the message.

I do not ask you to take this on as Truth at all, but simply allow yourself to ponder and be curious about Life again, and the curiosity will reflect without fail.

In my recent ponderings, I uncover the grips of the Entity known as Anger, and the destruction it can create when we choose to, at no fault of our own, identity with it, as it.

Yes, when we become Angry people, we look to destroy another, because that is how Separation works.

Join me on this transformational journey to unwind from the grips of denial and Separation into the Glory of the becoming, because the Alchemist does not throw anything away.

Be well, blessings to All!

Jonathan Robert Martin


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE AUDIO NATURECAST (not exact verbiage used as the writing, so both may help!): 


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