Conversations Beyond - A Divine Dialogue with the Wholeness that is Money

Money. It impacts everyone in its own way. That is why I stress the importance that Everything is a Relationship, and All Relationships can Harmonize. The Spirit of Money is alive, it is listening, the Wholeness that represents the relationship to Creator is a wholesome relationship. Yes, the relationship to Money can be harmonized, and I am on that path. To see what is on the otherside. I have not claimed a throne, but will pursue it with all of my inquiry as it will be commanded as is our innate Right. 

In this Divine Dialogue I acquaint myself with the relationship I have to money. Yes, this is my relationship, but because many Humans have been subjected to its strong influence, I assume that many others might benefit from this harmonization exercise.

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Conversations with the Wholeness that is Money - Jonathan Robert Martin - Mar 2020.pdf

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