I have come here to this planet to remind misery to lighten up and laugh. At least that's one of my missions, and it brings me great joy to share joy, through humour and yes journeying vast dimensions of timelessness and spacelessness to help build a solid foundation for the coming days, wherever they lead.

I am a trained and well-practiced seer, or a metaphysical philosopher who can commune with the unseen world, or as I know it, the Otherworld. I have come to understand that everything in Life shows up in how we relate to it, and thus in my work I address the relationship and root cause of relating to Life (or whatever one is confronted with) and thus in doing so, we can recondition and re-pattern the response and thus relationship in a meaningful and positive direction.

I am connected into Nature and its gifts of insight to call any situation what it is, and thus move on from it into new directions. I am here to remind you how to do this for your Self, Healing Ancestral Trauma is a start. Let's philosophize about Life!

I am a seer if you cannot tell, and I am not that thing in isolation, but it helps bring clarity to my gift. Which is clarity. Which is seeing beyond the subjective illusory realms of reality, into more subtle forms of communication in Nature, with what I've come to know as the Otherworld.

My gifts are unique, and so are yours! They will unveil when we are ready, and understanding the sequence of unfolding is so crucial to making sense of Life and tapping into our own Divine Wisdom. it is all a perfect sequence you know. Plug in and join the vibe and allow this to grow as a community that sees the way!

Even coming from a spirtually void upbringing, and being cast into the world of commerce and competition, I see great meaning in the birth of a Psychically gifted individual finding meaning in All of those experiences. Anything is possible. I have come from the grips of addiction and many emotional and mental states of illness to enliven myself into a new direction and I now find Life magical in every which way! We all can, when we allow objective space.

Life had brought me great pain and strife to deal with, that I tried with all of my might and substances I could find to bury it, but like anything True it does not just go away, it needs to be learned from, and thus I went to study, on myself, so that inevitably I could come to share to help inspire others to invoke the inner magic of the connection one has to Nature.

Like a dam ready to burst, I could not hold on any longer in the grips of suffering. I began to heal in a big way. It was and still is Epic, and it increasingly gets more Epic. Life does not have to continue in Suffering. That is for certain. We can come out. Learn about ourselves. Stand up for ourselves. Do for ourselves what we wish to do for others.

Well, this is not in bragging, but in testament and validation to this work, my gifts continue to unfold every... single... day.... I believe this is possible for anyone. To know themselves. To know this Reality. To understand how to work with this Reality, what we're made of, and what Purpose are we here to do with that...

There are so many stories to share,

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